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Hello world!

Posted by robertradamantsco on August 30, 2007

Some things…

As it stand in “about”, i’m here to make conections, to communicate, share experience and maybe create some kind of cooperation. i would like to meet musicians, poets, authors, artists, film makers, coders, creatives, free thinkers, knowledge collectors… whatever, feel free to send me what ever you want 🙂

Something I believe

There are no heroes without infinite variables that allowed that something happend precisely like it happend. So, heroes are just tools in the hands of reality, tools with a little stronger will than other, “small” people.

Cjelokupan sadrzaj na ovom prostoru je pod Creative C ommons licencom imenovanje-dijeli pod istim uvjetima

Cjelokupan sadrzaj na ovom sajtu je pod Creative Commons licencom imenovanje-dijeli pod istim uvjetima


5 Responses to “Hello world!”

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  2. Anivija said

    I say hooray for the heroes, hooray for the will, but best compliments to you, dear Robert, I find you as an exquisite tool in the hand of reality!!!

  3. robertradamantsco said

    thnx a lot dear anivija – you are truly a fine lady 🙂

  4. MP&friends said

    Bolje imati trideset nepotrebnih informacija u glavi, nego jednu konkretnu na grani, ne! bolje je imati trideset nepotrebnih golubova, ne, bolje je imati trideset onih ptica manjih od golubova u ruci nego granu.

  5. robertradamantsco said

    btw, realno gledano, mislim da nisam ni blizu onom sto je anivija opisala. ali takvi komplimenti svakako daju poticaj…
    sto se tice nepotrebnih informacija, grana i golubova, tu sam glup jer je ovo gore too much za mene (?!?)

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