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[Impromondays] New release on GentleJunk co. NetLabel

Posted by robertradamantsco on December 20, 2007

!Bozicni pokloni!
!Christmas presents!

Dva nova izdanja GentleJunk NetLabel-a:
Two new GentleJunk NetLabel releases:

A recording from EEII ‘07 festival that took place in Cultural Center Lamparna in Labin, Croatia. EEII ‘07 started on 19th of October 2007 and lasted for 33 hours. It is, sadly, only event of this kind in Croatia.
EEII stands for Experimental Electronic Interventions, a DIY project occasionally helped by breadcrumbs and leftovers.
EEII festival experiments with the instruments (self-made, retro, digital, analog, …), with ways how to play, with improvisation in every way. Hope you will enjoy it, and will ask for more!Released at GentleJunk NetLabel December 2007.


Munich Radio Hacking Orchestra aka circuit bending workshop participant’s concert was recorded and relesed on GentleJunk Netlabel.
/ radio-hacking workshop participants and performers are: Daniel Door/de, Guenther Gessert/at, Heike Siegert/de, Jordi Sanchez Puig/es, Judith Egger/de, Jakob Doering/de, Kruno Jost/hr, Michael Kurz/de, Martin Krejci/de, Natalia Borissova/ru de, Anna Sobczak/pl de.
Workshop leaders: Sarah Washington/uk de, Knut Aufermann/ de.
Edite by Kruno Jošt, published on GentleJunk co. NetLabel November 2007.DOWNLOAD OR LISTEN FROM ARCHIVE.ORG>>


URBANA KULTURA I EDUKACIJA - what is art today? - free media - multiemedia & free traveling radio - improvised sessions - free culture exchange

One Response to “[Impromondays] New release on GentleJunk co. NetLabel”

  1. robertradamantsco said

    samo da napomenem… ovo je odlicna mjuza, i svidjet ce se svima koji vole eklekticne zanrove

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