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Neprofitno poduzetnistvo NGO Studio

Posted by robertradamantsco on October 30, 2008

Zvuci pomalo odd? Ili cak proturijecno? No eto, ipak se i naizgled nespojive stvari mogu spojit… No neka sami poduzetnici govore za sebe:

NGO Studio projekt je udruge Prostor rodne i medijske kulture ‘K-zona’ čiji je cilj omogućiti nevladinim udrugama, posebice rodnim i umjetničkim inicijativama, kao i neformalnim udrugama građana i građanki da svoje projekte i djelovanje kvalitetno i uz što manji trošak predstave putem web stranica i video materijala.

Dakle, NGO Studio je svojevrstan oblik neprofitnog poduzetništva udruge K-zona, a ima za cilj stvoriti resurse koje udruga raspoređuje za programske aktivnosti u skladu sa svojim ciljevima i misijom. Uz prioritetne rodne i umjetničke inicijative, K-zona, pa tako i NGO Studio posebice imaju sluha za poduzetništvo žena, te permakulturne, zelene, ljudskopravaške, holističke i inicijative za zaštitu prava životinja.

Pogledajte referentnu listu naših web, video i dizajn radova.
Kako znati da li vam trebaju usluge NGO Studija?

Preuzeto sa NGO Studio


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Urgent call for support – PEKARNA is in danger!!!]

Posted by robertradamantsco on October 20, 2008

Dear friends, TEH members, ex-members, cultural operators, visitors,
artists, bands…

I apologise for not replying promptly or writing to you sooner,
individually and more in depth, however past two weeks were like riding a
wild horse (and fighting the wind-mills).

For the past 14 years former military barracks in the middle of Maribor
served as cultural centre Pekarna for “alternative” and independent
cultural production, citizens’ initiatives and civil society.
This year renovation of whole complex should finally-finally-finally
start, , based on plans and financial structure, accepted and confirmed by
City Council(!).

However, Major Franc Kangler changed his mind(!) and is now “proposing” to
us to abandon current established location and confirmed plans in
exchange for new promises of establishing new cultural centre, but current
premises would be sold to developers in order to build – another housing

Media already discovered foul play between his office and developer, who
just happens to own a housing project right next to Pekarna.
Pekarna is ONLY cultural centre on right river bank. It is only
independent cultural centre in the city. Renovation of Pekarna is part
of Cultural Capital 2012 plans. We have enough housing projects, but only
one Pekarna.

But still, he thinks “such kind” of culture does have right to be in the
middle of the city, to communicate with neighbouring schools and
that culture is not only opera and ballet, that he cannot sacrifice
Pekarna like a pawn in the game.

Please read and sign petition on

please ask your friends and visitors to do it, please put it on your
websites, facebooks and walls,
please forward it to anybody that cares for not-so-mainstream arts and

If you wish, you can also write to Major Franc Kangler personally on, subject “Za PEKARNO!”

We are organising public debate on Wednesday and meeting major again on
Thursday – I will keep you updated, but you can also find latest news on
our (new!) website

I hope to see you all in renovated Pekarna in 2012 latest!


Marko Brumen

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