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Serious threats to fundamental rights

Posted by robertradamantsco on March 12, 2009

I want to draw your attention on the Telecoms Package that he European Parliament is about to vote in second reading in April… Certain amendments in the Telecoms package are posing serious threats to fundamental rights, privacy and civil liberties, by legalizing a European-wide “graduated response” against citizens and controlling peoples usage of the Internet. According to amendments pushed by AT&T, “network management practices” could be used to discriminate what content, services and applications users could access and use. What is at stake is Net Neutrality, so please take some time to read this paper and get active on the issue with your MEPs :

in Italy they can already censure contents and steal our identity, if the Telecoms package gets through they will be institutionally allowed to do it in every European country…

(from Francesca Bria – Bricolabs startup mailinglist )

Preuzeto sa Stanice Mir


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