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Posted by robertradamantsco on September 15, 2009

i suppose it could bi a good idea to put a little more of my works together with a extra biography only about me as an producer and a dj. also, i recognized there’s a need to put as many as possible links to my works, my dj sets and my production.  so, here it is, anything that need to be known and heard  about  my audio works.

some words about me as a musician…

With my production and dj-ing in my comunity I’m recognized as a free artist who is researching interdisciplinary relationships between electonic music and society. My electronic performance is made under the pseudonym Robert Radamant. The main aspects of my music productions is some kind of junction between every music trends made through the history. On the other side I’m researching the possibilities of home production becouse I belive that it  is possible to make good music without enormous financial background.

If  I must choose the main elements of my music I can’t bypass influence of  slavic and oriental ethno, breakcore, d’n’b,  IDM, glitch hop, post- rock references, various jazz artists and free form improvisations.

In my DJ sets I usually play  d’n’b, jungle, breakbeat, electro, glitch hop, dub, dubstep and breaks based music in general. It depend in what kind of Venue I’m playing. But, if I have enough time on a show, then I’m always trying to play as many genres I can. For instance, my set called Cinema set part I (it’s called so because I playd it in a bar called Cinema on the croatian island Krk). There I started with dub and finished with electro-breakbeat. Similar things I’m doing in other sets too, because I believe that such a way of playing is much more interesting then playing hours and hours one and the same genre. To make a long story short, in my DJ sets I’m trying to be eclectic.

Also, there’s a permanent colaboration present with the Confusion crew, one of the most active and successful d’n’b-breaks-electronica crew in Croatia. Sometimes In my performances i sometimes work together with artists like, Hiram Abif and Visitor Q from the netlabel where I published many of my works.  Few times I also performed with Zid.buke (improvisation-aritmical-minimal-noise-ambijent), Pajo (free artist, experimental, noise, free form) and  with Pavijan Grivast (rock- psychodelic band).

Netlabels where I published some of my works are Jamendo, EGOBOObits, Dogmazic,  Pulsar Records and of course  But now enough words, lets move over on my music. Cheers! :) )

Links on some of my DJ sets:

Creative Commons d’n’b set:

Dubstep Soundscapes:

Groovy Trip (electronica-glitch hop):

DnB trip:

Drunk Breakbeat set:

Cinema set part II:

Free your Beat (d’n’b):

Free The Styles (mash up-glitch hop):

Links on some of my production:


Jamendo – Oximoron (EP):


Pulsar Records:

And of course… :)


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