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Two new freaky tracks on

Posted by robertradamantsco on September 18, 2009

as the headline says, i published two new (freaky!) tracks on, the  free and openly accessible online digital library, including an archive of the World Wide Web. besides this new tracks, there you can find many other of my works, and from many other artists. an excellent place to research and collect music, texts, books and many other stuff.

but let’s go back to my new tracks. one of them is an untypical d’n’b song with some elements of IDM and something a little noisy.  all the time there’s a female voice sounding like a hot bitch having flamingly sex. at least it sounds so to me…  moreover, the song got an intrigued name “lust for lust”.

the other track has an intrigued name too, called “wrestling fucking loving”. this is a track that includes hip hop rhythms, industrial sounds, etno melodies, noisy sounds, heavy basslines, and something i can’t describe right now. anyway, under the track stands electronica-glitch hop-IDM, so, maybe thats the best illustration what it might be.

ok, i think there’s enough words about it, so here are the links to this tracks:

Lust For Lust

Wrestling Fucking Loving

ok, there’s a third one, not so new but i find it… how to say? hot? heavy? dark? i suppose there’s a little bit of everything of this thing inside…

Wild Sweet Angry Dance


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