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Slodobni festival 6/ Free Festival 6

Posted by robertradamantsco on June 27, 2012

Free festival is free and open space where people can share and exchange knowledge and experience in freedom practices such as free software, open technologies, free and clean energy, unconstrained fun, free thinking, free media… Free festival caries energy of unconstrained possibilities – there is no strict program, participants are invited to participate with ideas from beginning of the making trough WIKI platform, throughout the festival. Autonomous Centre from Čakovec is there to help put it together and work on basic logistics. FF has only few strictly set up time-lines: one for workshopology seminar which happens around noon, and three meals. Other times are open for workshops, presentations collaboration and comradeship.

You can see more here

Free Festival is event where people who like to think free, organizers, workshop givers, creatives, artists and activists meet to exchange knowledge on their subject matter, but also on methods how to do it. FF6 is opening unstructured workshops and combinations of workshop strategies for new creative outcomes.

Here’s the complete program, so we’ll hope we’ll see ya around 🙂

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DJing sa slobodnim licencama / DJing with free licences – robert radamant @ Free Festival

Posted by robertradamantsco on June 27, 2012

Producent, Dj i promotor elektronske klupske glazbe Robert Radamant (Urban Jungle, Break Da Rules) dolazi nam na Slobodni festival predstaviti glazbu u kojoj se koriste i slobodne licence poput Creative Commons ili Copyleft. Radamanta su godine produkcije i nastupanja oblikovale raznolikošću žanrova i stilova te suradnje s mnogim kolegama: egoboobits etikete te sa raznim drugim izvođačima/crewovima (Confusion, Crobot Crew, Bassinvadersi, Trip To Zion, Lar Plur Lar, 48260). Često surađuje sa  Confusion crew, jednom od najaktivnijih i najkvalitetnijih d’n’b-breaks-electronica producenata u Hrvatskoj. Kod izvođenja najbitniji mu je groove, kompaktnost, snaga, dubina i putanja.

eto jedan creativecommons dnb set

cheers folks

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